In my last post I mentioned how an article I recently read about making a home more cozy, discouraged matching furniture. Kinda wish I had read that article before I purchased the lamps in our living room. They were, more or less, the same shade of neutral. Different styles, same-ish color. Not bad, but kind of boring. I decided to add some color to the living room (you know, besides the red walls) and painted two of our lampshades blue.

Hint: painting lampshades actually cuts down on the amount of light that comes through the lampshade. Seems like it should be obvious.

But it was not.

To me.

Until after I painted the lampshades.

I didn’t like the blue, it was kind of dark and no more exciting than the beige-y color it had been. So I covered one with paper (which actually came out really great) and the other with fabric that I purchased at a secondhand shop. But the fabric covered lamp still seemed boring so I went to JoAnne fabrics to look around and get ideas (I had coupons which is the only reason I was there). I found a package of fancy flowers that were kind of neutral but with hints of color and sparkles (I am a sucker for anything sparkly). I glued the flowers onto the lamp then added fake pearls to the bottom to cover the frayed material and voila! The lampshade looks AMAZING!!!! I mean seriously great!!!

I don’t usually like to toot my own horn (I like to get other people to do it for me) but after painting it blue, I was pretty annoyed at how bad it looked it and was discouraged by my crafting ability. I struggle with this ‘all or nothing mentality’ – either I am great at something or I suck at it. Accompanying that crappy attitude is an obsessive perseverance that, over the past 10 years (the amount of time I have been in school), has trumped the ‘all or nothing attitude.’ So Yay me! I persevered and not only created a great lamp shade, but I learned something about being a crafter – ingenuity is everything. In other words when a project is coming out crappy improvise and create something else. You may be surprised with the end results. I was 🙂

The second lamp I re-did, came out better quicker, but the process getting there was similar. First I painted it blue, realized how much I disliked it, then glued some scrapbooking paper around it. The next day I found velvet ribbon on a clearance shelf at Michaels, glued it on and Voila, another cute customized lamp.

FYI: Pinterest is full of lamp-makeover tutorials for circle skirt lampshades, sweater lampshades, and so many more. Next, I’d like to learn how to make an entire lamp from scratch.