I would like to quickly introduce you to my furbabies. They are a huge part of my life and each one of them makes me smile everyday (and swear a little too sometimes).



When we first adopted Isabella, she was so mean we couldn’t pick her up. We had to buy her a collar with a bell on it to warn the other animals when she was getting close so they could run. She has changed A-LOT over the years, and now not only can we pick her up without fear of injury, but she actually head butts us for attention. That said, our two dogs are a little afraid of her which is not necessarily a bad thing since they are quite a bit bigger than her (and rowdy).


Abby (aka kissyface) is, without any doubt in my mind, the most beautiful dog EVER! I admit, I may be a little biased (but seriously, look at that face 🙂 ). Abby is a rescue from Arkansas. She loves to snuggle, and bark and play with other dogs. However, it does take her a while to warm up to people, unless those people have a dog (on hand) in which case she will warm up to them pretty quickly.


This was baby-Franklin. Franklin is the one who helped me realize the real reason that animals (especially the baby ones) are so stinking adorable, it’s so we cannot stay annoyed with them for long, especially during the whole house-training process. Franklin is also a rescue from Arkansas. He is a goofball who adores Abby, eating acorns, and sitting on laps. He is 45 pounds now so although a tad large for a lap dog he keeps my legs warm during the colder months.


Like I said goofy lap dog. He is pictured here with the hubbenator (aka Erik).